What are TROXBAGS?

TROXBAGS by Taff Rocks are bags for you to carry your rocks home from workshops in. They can also be used to carry rocks when out hiding, rehiding and hunting. They could even be used to carry your groceries in!

They have been made for, not by, Taff Rocks by various people who have agreed to donate all the funds raised from them to us. Which will enable us to run further workshops.

TROXBAGS by Taff Rocks can be made for yourself, or you can make some for us.

A bag can be made from any hard wearing material. Our creators have agreed that old curtains are the best. These curtains are 'upcycled' into usable bags for carrying rocks home or when out hiding and hunting.

Too many pairs of unwanted curtains are discarded and left unloved. By upcycling them to use as TROXBAGS means that these previously unloved, unwanted curtains, can be loved again.

These are available at our workshops for a donation of .30p for small ones and .50p for the larger ones. Other sizes might be available but these will have individual donation 'prices' on them.

For details on how to create a TROXBAG, click on the link in the second menu above